Wardrobe Wish List: Felina: Harlow Full Busted Demi Bra

I have cried more times in the bra aisle than any human ever should. You name the store, I’ve probably been reduced to tears: H&M, Target, Victoria’s Secret (this could go on for a while). I’ve spent years trying to understand why all the beautiful bras halt at a size B.
I still can’t figure out why a store like Victoria’s Secret, who base all their advertising on women with luscious big breasts, doesn’t carry most lingerie in their stores above a C. Am I missing something here?
It’s all routed in a vicious cycle of girls wanting what they can’t have. I’ve always heard my smaller-chested friends whining about wanting bigger boobs when I and my more endowed friends begged for smaller ones. And I’m not even one of those poor girls that has to shop above the A-D range (bless your heavy-chested hearts), so why has it always been so hard? Well, thanks to online shopping and places like BareNecessities.com, we can find beautiful bras, like this one from Felina, for a fantastic price in a wide range of sizes, just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Honestly, the first thing I noticed about this bra was the price. Almost half of what Victoria’s Secret charges for their bras and the sizes range from a B-DDD. Am I the only one who didn’t know a triple D existed? Things get a little fuzzy for me after the D mark, but this bra is perfect if you hover around that size. And for a bonus – if the size you picked doesn’t fit just right, the site will pay for your shipping to exchange it. Both ways.
This bra manages to be both gorgeous and sexy, without being too cutesy. The pink is a wonderful Valentine option (order 2-day shipping to get it in time!) and it’s not too frilly to wear on a day-to-day basis. The demi-cup style (meaning it’s really only the lower half of a cup) gives great lift and shows off just the right amount of the amazing shape it creates, which also makes it perfect for giving you just a hint of cleavage in clothes without a risqué plunging neckline. This is a bra that’s working for you under you clothes and working for him without any, and gives you the confidence to navigate from one to the other. There’s a bra that’s worth way more than $32.
Even though I may still need to work out with two sports bras (and women get boob jobs why??) at least I won’t be shedding any more tears in department stores any time soon. Unless I find something wonderful that’s out of my price range, which is all the more reason to continue shopping online where no one can hear the sobs.
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