Current Events Cheat Sheet: Mubarak is Out, Freedom is In

Almost three weeks after riots began in Egypt, protesters’ demands were met and President Mubarak stepped down. In what is being talked about as one of the most stunning revolutions in Arab history, hundreds of thousands of people descended on Tahrir Square in Cairo in protest of the president’s 30-year reign. Now, many of the same people who were involved in the riots have stuck around to help clean up- sweeping, painting and cleaning their home. Since Mubarak stepped down, the military has dissolved Parliament and taken control until elections take place in six months. The story in Egypt is far from over, so, like I said last week, stay tuned.

Republican Rep. Christopher Lee from New York resigned this week after his correspondence (including a shirtless photo) with a woman from Craigslist was publicized. Oh the political sex scandals… they just keep a-comin’.  The woman forwarded the e-mails and pic to popular gossipy news blog Gawker (see it all right here) after she searched him on Facebook and discovered who he really was – a married Congressman with a son, not a divorced Lobbyist like he said. Despite refusing to comment on the situation, Lee resigned less than 24 hours after the scandal broke. In his e-mails with the woman, Lee describes himself as “a very fit fun classy guy”… I guess ‘classy’ is a relative term.
Final referendum results came in Monday determining that Southern Sudan will become its own country; a few days later, violence broke out, killing over 100. Southern Sudan will declare independence and become the world’s newest country in July after 98% of the nearly 4 million voters chose to separate from the North in a vote last month. The region is well known as one of the most violent and poverty stricken regions of the world. Unfortunately, the violence continued Wednesday and Thursday when a group of renegade soldiers clashed with the official military. Clearly, Sudan faces an arduous journey to peace and prosperity, but steps are definitely being taken towards this end.
Nearly a hundred people who attended a party at the Playboy Mansion have come down with a respiratory infection. The party was the final event for a conference on Internet business. Poor guys (and ladies!) were probably looking forward to the party the whole conference long, but less than a day after the rager was over, attendees were reporting symptoms including fevers, headaches, and respiratory problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if some fanatics come out swinging, claiming the outbreak is a punishment for the immorality that takes place under the mansion’s roof. Or, it could just be that malfunctioning fog machine.
Picture of the Week:

Just cause I know y’all wanted to see this… the picture (FORMER) Congressman Lee sent of himself to the woman on Cragislist. “Here.. I just took one..i’m relaxing at home,” he wrote.

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