Grammy Fashion: The Hits, The Misses and The Exposed Body Parts

So, the Grammys happened last night. At least I think they did. I mean, did anyone actually receive an award? Oh wait. Yes. Esperanza Spalding did, much to the chagrin of Justin Bieber‘s super fans. Watch your back, girlfriend. They’re coming to get you!

Not that I’m complaining. It was the perfect show for me. I had brownies, wine, amazing performances from beginning (Divas, what?) to middle (I’m talking to you Cee-Lo) to end (Rihanna, you take my breath away), and of course, the kind of fashion that only happens when you put a lot of creative (and rich) people in one room.

Oh, and it had John Legend. Looking sex-dream dreamy. And that’s a fact.

So let’s do what we do best and break down the fashion hits and misses of the evening. Let the judgment begin!

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