Surviving Senior Year: What I Will Be Missing

So last week I sat down and thought of all of the things I’m not going to miss about being a college student. I convinced myself that this whole graduation thing was good. That I wouldn’t really miss college, so much as the friends that I’d leave behind in college. The classes and the books were going, but that didn’t mean my social life would have to go with it. And that’s all fine and good, except well, there are quite a few things about college that make my social life possible, quite a few things I recently realized I won’t have after May.
So, here are five reasons I’m going to miss college. A lot, a lot.

1. Three Day Weekends. The first semester of my freshman year I was blessed with an amazing schedule. Classes three days a week. I had Mondays and Wednesdays off. As a senior, I would complain about having Friday classes, but as a freshman just the idea of not having classes every single week day was enough to make me jump for joy (literally). But as a college senior it’s kind of expected. Classes end on Thursday. Friday is part of the weekend. Two semester ago there was a class offered on Friday mornings that I simply had to take. It was horrible, and I was out by 11:00. In the real world? I’m going to have to work all day on Friday. All day!?!
2. Knowing My World. I’m comfortable at college. I have my friends. My frenemies. My job. My classes. My extracurricular activities. Professors I love. Professors I avoid at all costs. I know my world, socially and academically. I know where I am and what I’m doing at all times. (Except maybe on Friday nights.) I am comfortable at college. But I won’t be comfortable in the real world. And that reminds me… Next year…
3. I’ll Have to Be An Adult. Last week, in senior seminar, my fellow soon-to-be-unemployed post-grads and I were talking about how we can’t wait to be real people, out in the world. People with jobs and apartments and lives outside of a college campus. But is that really what I want? To be a real person? To be an adult? With responsibilities and five-day weeks? Real life comes with real problems. And after reading CollegeCandy’s post-grad columns, I can’t help but think, maybe I should reconsider that whole PhD thing?
4. Summer Break. Summer breaks are important. They’re my downtime. I sleep past noon, stay up late, and treat every day like it’s the weekend. There’s beach time and pool time and shopping time, and it’s sort of perfect. It’s exactly what I need after two semesters worth of crazy time. I don’t know what I would do without it. But I’m going to have to find out soon. Because, oh yeah, there is no summer break in the real world. It’s called vacation. And it only lasts a week. If you’re lucky. That’s going to take a bit of an adjustment…

5. Making My Own Schedule. I love registration time. (I know I’m weird.)  Picking classes, arranging my schedule, ensuring that I never have to get up before eight or stay in class past four. Sure there are core classes I need to take and requirements for my major, but I get to choose the when, the where, and the how. If I don’t want to take a Tuesday night class because it will interfere with my viewing of Glee, I don’t have to. If I don’t want to wake before noon, I don’t need to. I am the master of my own life. Completely in charge of which class fits into which time slot. When I’m working 9:00-5:00 (or you know, longer hours that I chose to remain in denial about) I’m going to miss that.
Almost as much as dollar pitcher night. Do they have that in the real world!?

What about all the other college seniors out there? What are you going to miss after you graduate? What won’t you miss?

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