The Weekly Ten: We Heart Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With three words I’ve probably caused every single reader to groan in frustration. You’re probably trying to forget this day exists, aren’t you? Trying to pretend this is just a normal Monday.

Well it’s not. Today is Valentine’s Day. And single or coupled, or complicated, Valentine’s Day is a day worth celebrating. (Hello, we spent an entire week trying to get that point across!) You cannot escape the mayhem that surrounds this day. You cannot ignore it. You cannot hide from it. So you might as well embrace it. And here’s why…

10. Those valentines you used to get as a little kid. You know what I’m talking about. You probably have a whole bunch of them saved somewhere. The ones that have your favorite cartoon characters on them. The ones with too much lace and cheesy sayings. The ones you loved then and still love now.

9. Chocolate. Not only is it delicious, but apparently it’s also good for you. And Valentine’s Day is one of very few holidays when you can eat an entire box of chocolate truffles without getting strange looks, whether you bought them for yourself or they’re a gift from your beau.

8. Conversation candy hearts. You know those cute, multicolored, heart shaped sugar cubes that have flirty little sayings on them. When I was younger I use to pick through the bag of them searching for my favorites. Be mine. Txt me. True Love. You rock. I was always a fan of Cutie Pie. What about you?

7. That Ashton Kucher movie. Valentine’s Day. A sad impersonation of Love Actually? Yes. An overstuffed celebrity cast? Sure. But Ashton and Jen’s sweet kiss? Jessica Alba checking into a hotel with her dog? Jessica Biel beating the candy out of a heart shaped piñata for single girls everywhere?  Eric Dane and Bradley Copper in love? Totally makes this movie a worthy watch. It even made Taylor Swift’s “Today Was a Fairy Tale” totally listenable. Which reminds me…

6. Taylor Swift’s music suddenly doesn’t seem so cheesy. While I admit to having sung along to “Better Than Revenge” on more than one occasion, I often find Taylor’s more romantic songs to be a bit too cheesy for my tastes. But not on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says love quite like “you’re the best thing that’s ever been mine.”

5. It’s the perfect excuse for a night out. Romantic dinner with your significant other or a fun night out with your girls. Tons of restaurants have Valentine’s Day specials that aren’t just for couples. So pull a Carrie and Miranda and head out to dinner on Valentine’s Day night with your best girlfriends and be each other’s valentines. Plus, it requires you buy that…

4. Sparkly new dress. You know, the one you’ve been eying for months now. The one you visit at the mall weekly. The one you want so badly, but you don’t have anywhere to wear it. Well, now you do. Wear it to Valentine’s Day dinner. Bonus points if it’s red or pink.

3.  Red nail polish. Red-red or orange red? Doesn’t really matter as long as it’s red. Step away from the neutral color palette for the day, that nail polish color that you always go back to because it goes with everything, and rock those red nails. My personal choice? Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure, Right Said Red. What’s yours?

2. The Glee episode. If there were ever a reason to change your opinion on Valentine’s Day, it would be the Valentine’s Day Glee episode that aired last Tuesday. Listen to Kurt sing “Silly Love Songs,” to Puck rock out to “Fat Bottomed Girls” or to Rachel’s tribute to single girls everywhere, as she belted out “Firework.” Watch Finn kiss every girl in the school. And then tell me you hate Valentine’s Day. Okay?

1. It’s a celebration of love. But not just couple love, familial love, love among friends, or pets, or coworkers. It’s a celebration of you and anyone you care about. It’s a chance to say “Hey, I’m glad you’re in my life,” to just about anyone who matters. So celebrate Valentine’s Day, even if you’re Facebook status doesn’t say “In a Relationship.” (And” celebrate” does not mean “pity party,” ladies!)

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