Greek Speak: Holiday Bonding

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Not that you needed that (brutal) reminder; the aisles at CVS said it all. If you were one of the lucky few of us (not me) that were whisked away on some romantic fairytale-like evening… well, good for you. But I don’t wanna hear about it.
Romantic holidays and birthdays are literally zero fun around the sorority house. When you’re single, it seems like everyone else (all 60 of them!) have serious significant others. And for some reason, they’re all Prince Charmings who bring the girls flower and chocolates and jewelry before taking them out to the fancy on-campus restaurants I only get to enjoy when my parents are in town.
Every year, like clockwork, I ask for all the juicy deets about what’s on their night’s agenda, but secretly I’m either a) vomiting inside or b) weeping green tears of jealously. And that combo ain’t pretty. Trust me.
Don’t get me wrong, obvi I’m happy for them, but seriously… Where the hell is my Prince Charming?! (Hell, I’ll even take Prince Not-A-Doucebag!)
Note: I live in West Lafayette, Indiana… need I say more? Jake Gyllenhaal wouldn’t dare take in a breath of this sewage-stricken air.  Bless him.
My point? Holidays like Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day or even President’s Day can be an opportunity for sisters to bond! Last week a sorority on my campus made Valentines together and delivered them to a nursing home; brownie points for them! That’s a sisterhood function, philanthropy, and they got to give back to the community. Sorority snaps on a budget, baby!
Another sorority purchased little tin hearts, filled them with holiday treats and delivered them to all the other sororities on campus, along with some of their favorite fraternities. That’s not only a fun sisterhood activity but, come on, it’s adorable! Not to mention a great bonding activity for me and the few other single girls in my house as we inhaled them while catching The Bachelor.
And if your house doesn’t officially plan activities or events around the holidays, that’s the best part about being in a sorority: there are plenty of people around to just hang with (even if it doesn’t feel that way when there’s a mass of boys huddled in the foyer waiting to pick up their dates). Plan a group dinner, take a mini-roadtrip, or do what you do every other night of the year: go and and get really, really drunk. There’s bound to be some single boys out there doing the exact same thing.
It’s a harsh reality: we can’t all spend the holiday (that we pretend like we don’t care about every year, but in all honesty we just want somebody to freaking send us flowers) with a significant other, but hey – Russell Stover, Ben & Jerry and your girls will hang out with you any night of the week, sister!
How did YOU and YOUR sisters spend Valentine’s Day? What has been YOUR best or worst Valentine’s Day experience?

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