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We’re Giving Away an iPad!


Don't worry. Yours will be a lot cleaner than this one!

Yes, it’s true. It’s also really hard for us to say that because we’ve wanted one for months and we’re not eligible to win this here contest. Sobfest.

Anyways, here’s the deal. Our friends at Jeep (no, they won’t give us a car, either. UGH.) really love CollegeCandy and to prove that to you, they reached out to us and asked us if they could work with us to give you an iPad. Nice peeps, right?

So here’s what you gotta do to enter. And it’s gonna get dirty.

1. Visit Jeep’s Facebook page, where you’ll be getting muddy.

2. Upload a picture of yourself into their Mud U application.

3. Sling, wipe and rub some mud on that beautiful mug of yours.

4.Take that muddy photo and make it your Facebook profile pic. And while you’re at it, update your status from ‘Sushi With my Girls!’ to the following: “Why is there Mud all over my face? I entered a Jeep contest to win an iPad. Check out details at”

5. Let us know you entered by also uploading your muddy pic to our Facebook page.

5. Keep that pic on your profile all week long. On Friday, we’ll randomly choose a winner! (But keep in mind, to be eligible you MUST have your muddy photo up on your profile on Friday and you MUST be a fan of CollegeCandy on Facebook.)

And that’s it. We’ll announce the winner on Facebook on Friday, February 18th at 4pm EST and then one of you (dirty) CollegeCandy readers will be the owner of a brand, spanking new Apple iPad.

Let’s. Get. Dirty.

[Open to U.S. residents only!]