New York Fashion Week: CC does BJ (Betsey Johnson)

[While most of us are relying on photos and livestreams to get a glimpse of New York Fashion Week, some very lucky CollegeCandy writers were blessed with the opportunity to attend some of the biggest shows at Lincoln Center. Of course, they promised they’d share their experiences with everyone, so here is Melanie’s first-hand account of one of the most anticipated shows of the week.]
What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than at New York Fashion Week? When boys fail, fashion rules. In the famous Lincoln Center Theater on February 14th, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week showcased the fashion show of the season from the iconic Betsey Johnson. Our friends at Rowenta treated us to an extra-special night of floral prints, celebrities galore, crazy kooky hair and catwalk cartwheels.
The show opened with dark eyed, gaunt models strutting their stuff in the “He Loves You Not” portion of the show. The hair was sleek and airbrushed with black lace patterns, and the clothes were deliciously pressed and witchy (thank god for the Rowenta steamers and irons backstage). The music blared, Jill Zarin texted on her Blackberry and Miss Jay silently nodded his approval as the gothic looks stormed down the runway. It was incredibly chic, sleek and dark. My MVPs? A long fur coat and a lace up dress.
It took all my power (and fear of the many security guards standing by) to keep me from jumping on the runway and tearing them off the models.
Then, just when I thought I couldn’t handle any more doom and gloom, the mood shifted, the music picked up and the screen turned bright green and pronounced, “He Loves You.” Blonde women danced down the runway, and I mean women. There were no models in this portion of the show! Bedecked in neons, florals and all things teal and Betsey-licious, we were treated from the starved models we’re so used to during Fashion Week and saw REAL women march down the runway in bright blonde wigs that looked just like Betsey’s hair. We saw a pregnant woman, chubby women, skinny women, Asian women, black women, Hispanic women, men dressed as women and everything up, down and in between all bedecked in blonde wigs.
It was a welcome change from the heroin-chic we’re used to.
The show was destined to be by far one of the most-talked-about of the season and closed out with Betsey herself doing her infamous cartwheels down the catwalk. Some balked at the plus sized women walking down the runway but I couldn’t help but feel inspired. After all, isn’t that what fashion is all about? It’s about the clothes and the real women who wear them, not humans who resemble hangers. Snaps to Betsey for embracing all shapes and sizes!
I feel so lucky to have seen it all first hand, but for those of you who didn’t, check out the crazy chic looks below. And for a chance to win a Rowenta (the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week garment care sponsor) iron, enter their contest on their Facebook and Twitter!

For a chance to win a Rowenta (the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week garment care Sponsor) iron: enter their contest on their Facebook and Twitter! For more Betsey, check out her site.

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