CollegeCandy is on Youtube!

CollegeCandy, your fave site in the whole wide world, has a Youtube channel now!
So if following us on Twitter, fanning us on Facebook, and liking us on Bloglovin isn’t enough for you, you can now subscribe to our channel. We’ll be uploading awesome original content (like this Valentine’s Day series) as well as favoriting all the best videos out there. So next time you’re looking to waste some time on the internet (and you’ve read everything on this site), you can go to our channel and check out all the videos that have us ROTFLing.
And that’s not all! We’re also in the process of putting together a stellar list of playlists for you to use! So far we’ve got everything from an awesome pregame mix to the best kisses in the rain to toys you always wanted us a kid.
Have a playlist request? Have an awesome video you want showcased? Want us to follow YOUR Youtube channel? Tell us in the comments!

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