The Biggest Trends from Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week

Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and if it weren’t for the fact that London starts up just as it ends, I’d be spiraling into a deep pit of fashion depression, downing Chunky Monkey as I flipped through pictures of my favorite collections for the 47th time. I’m not crazy, I just feel like this year NYFW and I took our relationship to the next level. Though we’ve been doing long distance forever, the live-streaming of my favorite shows has been making it easier to cope. We even spent Valentine’s day together this year, with our dear friends, Betsey and Marc.
Yeah, it’s kinda serious.
While shopping for Fall clothes is still many months away, there is lots to look forward to once you hit the mall come August (despite what we originally expected/feared). Next fall will be far from drab, with lots of bright and neon colors. And the little red dress you rocked on Valentine’s Day appears to have some staying power, so hang onto it! Oh and if you’re sick of the horizontal stripe, have no fear; Marc Jacobs was all about the polka dots, so you may have a new simple pattern to hate next year.
With some designers looking to the post-war 1940s for inspiration and others drawing from the grunge era of the ’90s, fall fashion is going to be varied, fun and exciting. And I can’t wait! Wonder what you’ll be wearing on the first day of classes? Here’s a look at the biggest trends from Fall 2011 NYFW:

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