The Know: Kick Those Chocolate Cravings to the Curb

Here’s a fact: there are few times in a day when I would pass up the temptation of something chocolate. Save for when I first wake up… er… scratch that. Let’s try this again:
There is NEVER a time in the day – not even once, not even a half second – where I wouldn’t want something chocolate. It’s getting to the point where I totally get how Charlie Sheen feels. Mmmhmmm, it’s that bad.
Except, if I gave into my chocolate obsession I wouldn’t just be filling the void in my belly, I would also be filling out my dress. And my jeans. And my swimsuits. In a big, not-so-cute-way. Chocolate chip muffin? Good. Muffin top as a result of chocolate? Not so much.
So in order to keep myself happy, sane and clothed, I’ve resorted to indulging in the good stuff once in a while (I’m talking to you, Sprinkles Cupcakes!) and finding healthy chocolate alternatives to kill my daily (or a few times daily) cravings. It both satisfies the chocolate craving AND the reassurance that my jeans will still fit up over my thighs tomorrow. And those two things are pretty much all the happiness a girl could ask for, right? Well, that and Jason Segel showing up at my doorstep…covered in chocolate. What? A girl can dream.
Anyway, here are my three favorite chocolate-distractions. If you’ve got an unyielding need for the ooey, gooey, creamy goodness of chocolate, these should kick that unhealthy craving to the curb.
Healthy, All-Natural, and Yummy Hot Cocoa.
I randomly concocted this in my kitchen one night and I have been patting myself on the back ever since. It’s just that good. Take unsweetened almond milk in any flavor and put about ¾ part almond milk to ¼ part water. Microwave it and then stir in two heaping spoonfuls of cocoa powder (Ghirardelli’s is great!) Make sure it’s the non-sweetened stuff (i.e. the stuff you use for baking) and it only packs 15 calories per tablespoon. Then, add in a few drops of chocolate flavored Stevia. (Stevia is an amazing all-natural sweetener and comes in tons of flavors. However, it is an acquired taste so if Stevia isn’t your thing, try Truvia or agave nectar.) I stir in some cinnamon for a little bit of a kick and am happy as can be with this drink that comes in well under 100 calories. 
Trader Joe’s 100 Calorie Dark Chocolate Bars
I’ve touted these bad boys right here on this very site over and over again. Because they are a) delicious b) chocolate and c) portion controlled. (And let’s face it, we all know dark chocolate is heart healthy, but 10 lbs of it in one sitting may not be what the doctors meant when they said to have some dark chocolate each day). But nevertheless, the fact remains: sometimes you just need a candy bar and this one totally hits the spot without leaving you feeling guilty when you finish it. And when I’m feeling really out and out crazy, I will spread a bit of peanut butter on it (Parker’s is my favorite!) for a healthy yet indulgent treat.
So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream Desserts
I know what you’re thinking: “Dairy free ice-cream? Must taste like tree bark.” But trust me when I say it’s not only great tasting (seriously, they were on to something with the name So Delicious) but it’s better for you. And I’m not just talking about calories here, ladies. It’s all-natural and the no dairy factor actually has TONS of great benefits from better skin to less bloat. Plus, the fudge minis are only 70 calories per bar so even if you plow through three of them (we’ve ALL had those days), you’re still only packing in 210 calories. To put that into perspective, that is less than one tiny serving of our on-again, off-again boyfriends, Ben and Jerry.
Everyone needs a little chocolate in their lives. Then there are people like me who need a lot of it. But with snacks like these, those chocolate cravings don’t have to derail you. Try these and let me know what you think! And if you’ve got other healthy alternatives for those choco-cravings, leave them below!

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