Pros and Cons of a Tray-Less Dining Hall

College kids, start kissing your trays goodbye. In an effort to make campuses across the country more green, many universities are kicking the habit, instead forcing students to carry their plates and drinks through their dining halls. As a college senior, it’s been ages since I’ve eaten at a school cafeteria but I can only imagine the chaos this is causing for those with tiny hands and huge appetites.
While the push for less water and food waste is admirable, let’s weigh the pros and cons of a tray-less world:
Pro: Only being able to eat what you can carry means less food and less of the dreaded ‘freshman 15’ weight gain. We can dig it.
Con: Having to walk past that group of hot dudes to get your second third fourth serving of soft-serve. Damn you, tasty sprinkles!
Pro: Going tray-less eliminates the needs to waste gallons of water to wash them clean! Word to Mother Earth!
Con: I don’t know about you, but us East coast kids need something to sled on when the snowflakes start to pile up!
Pro: Less food is wasted when you can’t just grab-and-go. Start saying goodbye to the old “my eyes are bigger than my stomach” excuse.
Con: Having to balance silverware, a giant soda and a chicken wrap while digging around for your credit card is a recipe for disaster. Do I look like a professional juggler?
Pro: Ditching diner trays means ditching the tons of plastic used in making them.
Con: How are you going to inconspicuously load up on containers upon containers of cereal when you’ve got dining points to spend at the end of the semester?!
What are your thoughts on the diner-tray dilemma? Have you noticed a sudden disappearance, or is your campus still sticking with the tried and true method?

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