Where's The Weirdest Place You've Ever Woken Up?

College life can get pretty crazy — especially when alcohol gets involved. Especially when that alcohol comes from a cooler labeled Jungle Juice. So this week we were in the mood to hear some crazy “only in college” stories and asked you in our weekly Monday Facebook poll “where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever woken up?”
And we were pretty surprised with the answers. We were expecting “a random frat” or “a local’s basement”, but here’s what we got instead:
In the middle of a buffalo field.. haha” – Aqueena Schoorlemmer
With my legs half in a river!!head in a bush!!” – Jack Barofka
In the bathtub wrapped in my duvet” – Gloria
Want to see the rest of the answers? Check out our fan page! Want to see last week’s question? Click here! And don’t forget to share your weirdest wake-up below!

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Pros and Cons of a Tray-Less Dining Hall
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