Surprisingly Cute: JCPenney

We all have our go-to stores that we, uh, go to when we need to stock up on some new wardrobe essentials (or when we just have an hour to kill and the mall reaches out and wraps us in its warm embrace). But what about all those other stores? The ones that you walk past on your way to Auntie Anne’s without a second glance? The “mom” stores, the old lady  department stores, the stores that don’t start with “Forever” and end with “21″? Surprise! Many of those stores are filled with major cuteness that you’re missing out on! (Except Chico’s – keep walking, little lady.) We know you’re not one to pass up a cute cami, so we scoured these under-the-radar shops and pulled out all the goodness you never realized existed.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t often shop at JCPenney. Because, well, I’ve always sort of seen JCPenney as Macy’s less cool, less interesting younger sibling.  I’ve seen some cute stuff in their windows as I pass them by on occasion but nothing that ever made me think, I need to go in there. And their clothes are cheaper, yes, and the they’re not all bad, but finding the cute ones just seemed like a lot of work.

Shopping online, however solves that problem. All I have to do is search, point, and click. And I’m really glad I did. Because JCPenney has some surprisingly cute (see what I did there?) stuff. Plus their website has some great features of their own: A place to find all the pieces People Style Watch has featured in their magazine. A  feature that lets you search for dresses based on body type.  And a swimsuit collection that makes me wish I lived at the beach. (Not that I didn’t already wish that.) You name it, they’ve got it. In the coolest colors and the latest trends. In florals and animal prints and bright, bright colors. Bikinis and bracelets. Tankinis and tanks. See for yourself!

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