Surviving Senior Year: Calm (Before the Storm)

Right before I sat down to write this I opened a letter (yes because apparently people still send those) informing me that come April I will be able to pick up my cap and gown. I looked at the letter, rolled my eyes, and thought April? Really? Why are they sending me this now when I don’t need to pick it up until April? But still I opened up my Google Calendar and went to plug in the date. But oh wait…what’s that?
April is only two clicks months away.
That’s shorter than a season of the Bachelor.
And that doesn’t even account for all the days off I have coming up.
Currently, I’m enjoying a five-day weekend. I’ll head into class one day next week, and then two more the week after, and then it’s Spring Break time. And when I get back there will only be three more weeks of March. And then it’s April. A month filled with weeks shortened by Easter and Passover holidays. The month I thought was oh so far away. The month I can pick up my cap and gown. My last month of undergraduate classes. My last month as a college student. Maybe April is closer than I thought. I mean, how did we even get to February already anyway?
The first few months passed quickly, in that beginning of the semester mania, which has now settled down. At least for me. There’s nothing left to worry about. The dreaded senior thesis is done except for some edits and a defense of said thesis that is too far away for me to be freaking out over yet. I’ve also finally settled into my senior capstone classes, grinning and bearing the literary theory as I focus more on the texts we’re reading. (Ian McEwan’s Saturday is amazing by the way. The language alone is like poetry.)
And so suddenly I find myself with more Facebook stalking time than I’ve had in quite a while.
When the semester first started I posted about how a stress free semester was probably impossible, about how I was totally okay with that because I work best under pressure. And sure the adrenaline rush is great and all but as I sit here, unable to think of anything to complain about, I might have to rethink that statement. Peace and tranquility isn’t all bad. I mean, on Monday not only did I wake up early enough to stop at Starbucks before class, but the barista gave me an extra shot of espresso in my macchiato. On Friday the weather was warm enough that I had to pull out my spring coat. And now, I don’t have to go back to class until Wednesday.
It appears that my senior year is not coming to an end with a bang, as I had anticipated, but with an evenly paced, enjoyable stroll. And while it’s entirely possible that two weeks from now I could be eating my words, right now I’m just going to enjoy it.

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