We Can’t WAIT for The Amanda Knox Movie on Lifetime

Lifetime movies, like eating frosting out of the tub with a spoon, are one of those guilty pleasures we all indulge in that only our closet friends know about. However, let’s be real: we all love watching those cheesy movies that our favorite D-list actors star in to revive their long-lost careers. And tonight’s newest addition, ‘Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy‘, which stars our favorite unbreakable cheerleader as a suspected murderer, is no exception.

For those of you not in the know, the Amanda Knox movie is based on a true story (like most Lifetime “movies”) about an American student who is suspected of murdering her roommate while studying abroad in Italy. This story has been playing out in the news for over a year and if seeing it dramatized on TV isn’t enough to lure you in for a night of TV (watched alone in your room with the door locked), here are 5 more reasons why you should break out the cookie dough and popcorn for what could be the biggest TV event since Michael Jackson’s funeral the epic fight episode of Jersey Shore.

As much as I like Hayden, girl overacts like nobody’s business. And that’s just in regular movies. PairĀ it with a script from those dramatic and hormonal writers at Lifetime and you’ve got yourself a recipe for dramatic sighs, spontaneous tears and extreme emphasis on every. single. line. And just thinking of Hayden getting all serious gives me butterflies in my stomach. The “I’m so excited!” kind, not the “I don’t think that chicken was cooked all the way through, lunch lady” kind.

The Melodrama:
Now, let’s pair Hayden’s acting “skills” with some Lifetime melodramatic style writing…and you’ve got yourself more dramz than The Bachelors “most dramatic rose ceremony EVER.” The plot is sure to be something from a crappy murder mystery novel, and the characters (per usual) larger than life and probably not very much like their real life counterparts. Think, 2 hour-long soap opera. But the kind you can feel good about because this one deals with current events.

Hayden Looks Uber Dowdy:
Hayden, for the most part, always looks put together, both on and off screen. She’s most famous for playing the happy-go-lucky cheerleader with the perfect body (gag me) and flawless face (boring). But in this movie, girl is put in some very not-so-flattering clothing, her hair is so the wrong color and texture, and her complexion looks almost grey. Call me a mean girl if you must, but I love seeing a pretty celebrity looking well…not so pretty. (And by the way, Amanda Knox is really beautiful in real life. What’s with the snub, Lifetime? No wonder the girl “almost threw up” when she saw a clip!)

There are Italian men featured:
Olive skin. Brown eyes. Cute accents. Just a little somethin’ somethin’ to lift the dark and depressing mood a bit.

It’s Current:
With the movie coming out tonight and Knox’s trial still in session, it makes this movie totally worthy of some current event points. And go Lifetime for getting their act together on this one. Not only will it sorta catch you up on the happenings of the Knox situation (make sure to check out a summary or two before actually bringing it up in conversation…I have a feeling they will be using some “creative license” in this one), but you can write it off as time well spent learning about something that is going on in the world. Something that doesn’t involve celebrity babies or the next big fashion trend. A real current event affecting someone your age.

Plus, it’s gotta be better than another 2 hours of crazies on The Bachelor, right?

Check out the preview below and see for yourself:

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