Justin Bieber('s New Haircut) is Kind of a Big Deal

So sexy. I feel dirty.

As I sit here typing these words the world of Twitter is having a major meltdown over Justin Bieber’s new haircut. (PopEater has all the details for you right here.) Some fans have stopped following him. Others only love him more. And some unnamed college bloggers have finally begun too see why it is girls melt at the sight of the boy hidden behind that huge head of hair…
And while I’m sure Biebs (and his hairdresser) appreciate the sentiment, I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, there are bigger things to freak out over than the Bieb’s cutting his hair even if it is a really flattering haircut. And I’m not even talking about things outside the realm of Bieberverse. (If last week’s Glee taught me anything it’s that you can’t mess with the power of the Biebs.) I’m talking about all things Bieber related. If his haircut is this big of a deal, can you imagine the way his fans will react when these things start happening?
He gets his first signs of facial hair. Can you picture the Biebs with a mustache? Some scruff? Maybe a 5 o’clock shadow? I’m very curious to find out if he’s the manscaping type or if he’ll go all wilderness guy scruff on his fans. (I can’t see many 12-year-old girls going for that, but that sign of manhood would help me feel a little better about my inappropriate day dreams…)
He gets himself some muscle definition. If girls are freaking out this much over the Biebs getting a new haircut, I can only imagine what they’ll do when he finally starts hitting the gym. Picture Bieber’s face with Taylor Lautner’s (he is legal) abs.
He gets himself a girlfriend. Okay. So he bought out an entire flower shop for Selena Gomez this Valentine’s Day. Big deal. I’m talking about when he really gets himself a “girlfriend.” You know, like Tiger Woods and Jesse James have gotten themselves “girlfriends.” Look out, Selena.
He finally turns legal 18. He’s still 16. This needs to change and it needs to change now so I, and the rest of the world, can finally stop feeling creepy about Googling pictures of a 16-year-old. So I can say things like “he looks much hotter with his new haircut” and not feel as though I should be arrested. So I can openly admit to finding this new Justin Bieber to be so freaking hot. kind of cute.
Anyway. Read all about the Bieb’s new hair cut and then come back here and discuss. Like it? Love it? Counting down until the day he turns 18? Let me know I’m not alone. Please.

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