Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Kim Kardashian Makes Sexy Simple

[Welcome to Celebrity Chic on the Cheap, where our style guru takes a celebrity look and breaks it down for you, our poor college fashionista. What does that mean? It means that while the celebrities (like the queen of shabby chic, Vanessa Hudgens) are spending $5,000 on an ensemble, you an spend way less…and save the rest for Margarita Mondays.]
After alternating between actively hating and actively ignoring Kim Kardashian‘s status as a celebrity for years, I recently decided to let it go and just embrace it. Though I find her by far the least interesting of the adult Kardashian sisters, I can’t help but be in awe by how she stole Paris’s hustle, perfected it, and progressively gets more relevant as time goes on.
How is that possible?
I could probably wrack my brain and crank out a seriously amazing sociology paper on the phenomenon of Kim Kardashian and how she parlayed having a big butt and a sex tape into a legitimate, relatively long-lasting career (if this isn’t a sign of success, I don’t know what is), but I’d much rather talk about her banging sense of style. Kim is all about trendy pieces that accentuate her killer body. It seems like a solid 99 percent of her wardrobe is black, so her aesthetic always looks sleek and sophisticated. Recently, she hit the red carpet in an ensemble that I immediately fell head over heels for, and I hope you will too!

Shopping Info: Leggings, Black Tank, Gray Tank, Blazer, Pumps, Necklace, Headband.
I am absolutely in love with blazers with structured shoulders. They are so bold and add a ton of ‘tude to any outfit. Kim pairs her with gray and black tanks, adding laidback elements to the outfit. To ramp up the sexiness, she goes for a pair of leather leggings, and I totally live for my (p)leather leggings. You can wear them as pants (if you absolutely insist), or under skirts and dresses to automatically add edginess to any outfit. I really think every girl should own a pair… or four.
Then, instead of going for the obvious choice of black pumps, Kim went for camel colored pumps. Camel is a great neutral alternative. It doesn’t clash with anything, but since it’s not a common selection, it really adds a bit of unexpectedness to any outfit. To top it off, Kim chose adorable accessories. Her silver headband is absolutely adorable, and with a messy-chic updo like hers, almost looks like a tiara. Hello, totes adorbs and festive.
This outfit is so simple, but also incredibly stylish, flattering, flirty, and fun. I guess it’s always a good idea to take style cues from a woman who spends her entire life in front of a camera.
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