In Our Makeup Bag: Shobha Brow Pencil

What It Is:
Shobha Brow Pencil in Earth (for brunettes)
Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Brows are an often overlooked beauty asset. Shaping your brows can completely change your face and paying attention to them can really pull your look together. Can you imagine a beautiful starlet, strolling down the red carpet with unruly brows? Never!
Shobha is a great company I’ve recently become acquainted with. It started out as a hair-removal salon and has quickly expanded to several locations in New York, as well as a full line of hair-removal and beauty products. Shobha aims to keep its products 100% natural and therefore, significantly decrease the consumer’s risk of allergic reaction. It also prides itself on using eco-friendly packaging, which I like!

Swatch of Earth

How To Use It:
Firstly, ensure that your brows are the best shape and free of stray hairs. Pluck and trim them or make an appointment at your favorite salon to get them waxed and shaped by a professional! I recommend the salon-route if you’re new to brow care.
Before applying the brow pencil, use a clean mascara wand or brow wand and brush your brows into place. Then, lightly glide the brow pencil over any “patchy” areas that need filling in. Don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t look great the first time — you need to try this out a couple times before you get the “feel” of it. If you like, you can finish off by setting your brows will a clear mascara or brow gel.

Brow sans pencil.

Brow with pencil. It might not look like much but it makes a HUGE difference on your face.

CC Rating: A+
The Shobha Brow Pencil in Earth is fantastic! Initially, I thought the color might be too warm for my complexion/hair color, but it really blended in beautifully and is impossible to spot. The pencil warms up super quick and glides on absolutely effortlessly. I’ve tried brow pencils in the past that are super stiff and just pull and tug at your skin, but the Shobha pencil has none of that and really slips. I really have nothing bad to say about it, however, it would probably great if they increased the shade range past 2!
This pencil is a great introduction to the world of brow maintenance and upkeep, but will also impress seasoned veterans! Purchase here!

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