Put This on Your iPod: MC Lars' The Graduate

[Sarabeth here, back with some more jams to add to your iTunes library! Every Wednesday, I’m bringing you music suggestions – could be something new, old, hugely popular or fairly unknown –  to awesome-ify your  collection.]
This week’s artist is someone who’s totally inspired me growing up. While most people spent their college years drinking and dreaming about what they’ll be after they graduate (guilty!), MC Lars was doing something about his dreams. He spent his years at Stanford doing what he loved, making music in his dorm room. The Graduate is just one of many examples of this work.
About the Artist:
MC Lars, or Andrew Robert Neilson as he’s legally known, grew up in Berkley, California. He started his musical career in high school in the punk band Amphoteric. He then went on to Stanford University where he worked at the school’s radio station. He started making music on his laptop in his dorm, and still makes music that way to this day.
Top 3 Tracks:
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Generic Crunk Rap
Why You Should Listen to It:
Like I said, MC Lars is a huge inspiration to me for doing things that I love, and hopefully he’ll be the same to you. But the music itself is also pretty rad. It’s hip hop/rap that doesn’t take itself seriously, even sometimes making fun of the whole genre. It’s a great album, and come on, where else are you going to hear rhymes about Moby Dick, Sartre, and Kurt Cobain?
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