Web Spy: When Parents Text

[There are over 100 million sites on the Internet. 100 million! You might think you know about all the important ones (CollegeCandy, Gmail, Google, Facebook…), but there are thousands of other sweet sites out there (like BlogLovin, Exercise TV and Any New Books?) and more showing up every day! We get it – it’s not easy or fun sifting through the crap and porn to find those gems, so we’re gonna bring the gems to you. Just sit back, kick up those feet and allow us to introduce you to the diamonds in the internet rough.]
We all know parents aren’t exactly pros when it comes to dealing with new technology. It took my mom two years to learn how to watch a recorded show off the DVR (I’m pretty sure she still doesn’t know how to actually record anything), and my dad constantly refers to Facebook as “Face-Space”. I’m actually pretty amazed that either of them even knows how to send a text!
That’s why I’ve been loving the site When Parents Text lately — it’s sort of like Texts From Last Night, but instead of random messages about last night’s escapades, each post features a text sent from a reader’s parent (or sometimes a grandparent). They’re all hilarious and filled with the awkward lack of technological and social knowledge that all parents possess. Some of my favorites: “twitter? thats the same thing as quidditch right?” and “Hi leah. Am at a friend’s and he let me get face book. Would you like to be my friend? Dad xoxo” and “Please dont mention on facebook or to your friends we are gone. Do not want to get robbed. Xoxo.”
Maybe it’s because almost every text seems like it could have been written by my own mom or dad, but I’ve been spending way too much time on When Parents Text lately. I can’t help but LOL at every post I read, and you definitely will too (here’s a tip: don’t read it in class, unless you want people thinking you’re crazy for laughing to yourself). And while you’re there, don’t forget to submit a funny text from your parents for everyone else to enjoy!
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