Welcome to CollegeCandy's Birthday Bonanza

We’re officially four years old and we couldn’t be happier.  Over the past four years we’ve gone from a teeny-tiny little blog struggling to get visitors to becoming the LARGEST blog out there for college women. (Sorta like how Suri went from pacifiers to high heels….) Not to sound cocky, but GO US! Okay we’re done patting ourselves on our backs. Intern, stop rubbing my feet and start patting me on the back, will ya?
Where was I? Oh, right. Our birthday party. Anyways, we couldn’t have gotten where we are today without ALL OF YOU! And that’s why we’re celebrating our big day by giving back to you.
Earlier this week we asked you to tell us (via Facebook) what your favorite CollegeCandy post is in the world — and you guys came out strong with a variety of awesome content (some we didn’t even remember!). So instead of sending you a slice of cake in the mail, we’re gonna eat it ourselves delivering a gift to you all day long.
Our top ten most-liked CollegeCandy blogs ever!
Just like a very special episode of a TV show, we’ll be running things a little differently today. Instead of putting up our usual Friday blogs, we’re going to be featuring the blogs that you picked! And, just like we promised, the person who submitted the most-liked post is going home with the most awesome goodie-stuffed Clava bag.
But that’s not all. We’re still giving out presents all day. Discount presents that is….check out all the awesome companies that want to save you some money in honor of our BDAY bash!
-Use “GOEDU” to get 25% off at Shoedazzle until March 15, 2011
– Use “COLLEGE20” to get 20% off at Fantasy Jewelry Box and Designs by Stephene.
– Use “COLLEGE” to get 15% off at Clava from now until March 18, 2011.
– Use “COLLEGE” to get 20% off at Tarte until March 15, 2011.
Thanks for celebrating with us! Enjoy a day of CollegeCandy hits!

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