CollegeCandy Gets Cleansed, Day 2

[Disclaimer: This product was provided to us by Cooler Cleanse. All opinions are our own…and blatantly honest.]

So, I decided to do a 3-day Cooler Cleanse and here’s why. My first day was fun! Exciting! Refreshing!… And then day 2 hit me like a campus bus. (Sidenote: In college, one of our campus buses DID hit a student. WTF, right?) It was like the worst hangover of all time…only I couldn’t eat an egg and cheese bagel to make myself feel better.

Watch my video to see how I handled hours 25-48 of not eating….or leaving the house. Or doing anything at all, really. Well, besides de-toxing.

Come back tomorrow to see how I rounded out the weekend on my cleanse!

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