What's the Best Recipe for Jungle Juice?

College life is all about drinking things that most people would consider hazardous for their health. That’s why we down things like Four Loko and alcoholic whipped cream and Barton’s vodka.
But more potent (i.e. lethal) than any of those things is Jungle Juice.
The mysterious drink without any kind of recipe that can be found in frat house coolers across America. Even though we never really know what’s in it, we always know we’re going to have a good night (and a HORRIBLE hangover).
We asked our Facebook fans for their favorite recipes and these were the best answers:
“Pink lemonade, regular lemonade, devil spring’s vodka, and peach schnapps. So delicious.”
“Your favorite type of fruit punch (you can go classic with Adirondack Tropical Punch), 7-Up, Everclear (or to tone down the sloshed-ness your favorite vodka), and apples!”

“6 40oz bottles of your favorite malt liquor. Old English serves me fine. 1 fifth of vodka, your choice, 1 fifth of Gin, your choice, 1 fifth of bicardi light rum, 1 fifth peach schnapps, …2 bottles grapefruit juice, 2 bottles cranberry juice, 2 bottles of Orange Juice, 3 2 liter bottles of sprite/7 up, Mix together in a large (clean) cooler. top with ice., Sure they’re are a ton of ingredients but it makes a great jungle juice for a LARGE amount of people!”

Want to see the rest of the answers? Check out our fan page! Want to see last week’s question? Click here! And don’t forget to share your best recipe below!

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