Surprisingly Cute: LL Bean [GALLERY]

We all have our go-to stores that we, uh, go to when we need to stock up on some new wardrobe essentials (or when we just have an hour to kill and the mall reaches out and wraps us in its warm embrace). But what about all those other stores? The ones that you walk past on your way to Auntie Anne’s without a second glance? The “mom” stores, the old lady  department stores, the stores that don’t start with “Forever” and end with “21″? Surprise! Many of those stores are filled with major cuteness that you’re missing out on! (Except Chico’s – keep walking, little lady.) We know you’re not one to pass up a cute cami, so we scoured these under-the-radar shops and pulled out all the goodness you never realized existed.
When you hear LL Bean, what comes to mind? For me it’s hunting gear and unbreakable, sturdy (read: ugly) shoes, neither of which I want in my closet. In fact, the last thing I got from LL Bean was one of those backpacks that had my initials stitched into it. And that was 5 years ago. I never considered that they made clothes and when I found out they did, I just assumed their racks were overflowing with flannel and bright orange.
But to my surprise, and probably yours, they have some really cute clothes. And though they do still sell mom jeans, some of these new clothing options balance out the kakhi-tastic high waistedness of yesteryear. Not to mention most of their products come with lifetime warranties. And if that doesn’t make you want to start reaching for your plastic, some of these options will.

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