80% of Admissions Officers Are Looking at Your Facebook

Okay ladies, so here’s something you didn’t know.
People are looking at your social networking profiles.
Shocked, right? Not so much? Yeah, I thought so. But you might actually be shocked to find out that 80% of admissions officers are now using Facebook to learn more about their applicants, and that a student’s social media presence does in fact affect their decisions.
As a way to counteract this, some admissions officers suggest that applicants like or follow their college of choice on Facebook or Twitter and use the social network as a way to stand out amongst applicants. But would you really want your potential college to have access to everything you post on Facebook? And should they really expect to? When you post something on the internet publicly you have to expect that people will read it. But should you expect that your college admissions officer will be searching for it? Should you expect that every college admissions officer is going to Facebook stalk every applicant now?
One admissions officer admitted to being prejudiced to applicants after viewing Facebook profiles, but if she hadn’t gone looking she wouldn’t have been prejudiced in the first place. Is it okay for admissions officers to make decisions based on information they find on social networking, which might easily be misinterpreted, or should they base decisions solely on the material sent to them like grades, SAT scores, and admissions essays, which albeit, can also be misrepresented?
What do you think? Head on over to Huffington Post to get all the details, then come back here and tell us, what do you think of this.

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