Sex in the News: Monogamy, Casual Sex and Victim-Shaming

Researchers from Florida State University released a study on what makes men monogamous. According to the study, relationship status determines how attractive men find women during different stages of their menstrual cycle. Guys that are single find women most attractive at the peak of ovulation – also known as the best time to get preggers. Alternatively, committed guys find women less attractive when they are more fertile. So for guys in a relationship, finding a woman less attractive at the peak of fertility is seen as reducing the temptation.

Need another reason not to go down on a guy? US scientists said there is strong evidence linking cancer and oral sex. In the US tobacco use has been outranked by HPV as the leading cause of oral cancer. The study shows that oral sex is still sex, and the more partners you have the higher the risk of getting any STI. The real message in this? Protection is key no matter what type of sex you’re having.

A judge in Manitoba (Canada) ruled that because a rape victim “wanted to party” a convicted rapist will not serve time in jail. The judge also said this case should not be seen as precedent, as it is not a “typical” case. Around the world there is constant debate about “victim shaming” and what role the victim plays in rape. Last year in Australia a jury questioned whether the difficulties in removing skinny jeans showed suspected rape was actually consensual…and a man accused of rape was acquitted.

A study done by a University of Michigan psychologist, Terri Conley, shows women are just as likely to engage in casual sex than men, if the person suggesting is equivalent in sexual prowess. The study also shows both women and men are sexually motivated by pleasure and that making babies simply occurs as a result of people having sex from pleasure. The study disproves a previous notion that women have sex with people they think can take care of them. Conley asked women if they would have sex with Johnny Depp (looks) or Donald Trump (money), and not surprisingly (to me anyways) the majority said Johnny Depp.  No matter how much moolah sleeping with the hair might get them, women still swoon for Johnny. [Editor’s Note: Horrible question…Johnny Depp is rich, too!] Research also shows that women turn down casual sex not because they don’t want to get it on, but because they think it won’t be pleasurable. 

What do you think about all of this? Giving head is bad! Victim-shaming is in! This is a lot to think about.

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