Meet Our Favorite College Bloggers

So we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but here at CollegeCandy we’re a little bit obsessed with the internet.
We read a lot of blogs. From the really big ones to the really little ones. We read about food and fashion, college and real life. About television and movies. About post grads and pre grads…You get the idea. But the point is that as bloggers, we CollegeCandy girls can really appreciate other blogs, especially college blogs, run by college students for college students. We’ve done our research on these, searched far and wide and now we want to share the fruits of our labor with you.
These are our favorites. So click on the links and start reading!
1. College Prep
College Prep goes beyond college life and provides readers with fashion, inspiration, organization, and a heavy dose of pink & green.
2. College Curlies
College Curlies is an online space for those interested in maintaining their natural hair via quick, easy, low-cost styles and routines.
3.  College Times
CollegeTimes publishes useful tips and controversial opinions aimed  at the college audience.
4. College and Fashion
Fashion inspiration for the college student.
5. Points in Case
Points in Case is a college humor publication serving up smart, savvy and irreverent comedy to half a million readers a month.
6. College Girl
CollegeGirl is a mix of both high end and local fashion news and events written from the honest perspective of a college girl student.
7. College Eats
NYCollegeEats follows the life of a New York City pre-med college student as she attempts to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.
8. The College Survival Handbook
The College Survival Handbook is a growing collection of almost everything an average college kid needs to know to survive
9. College Thrive
CollegeThrive features tips  and advice for students in areas like academics, health, and general college living.
10. Surviving College Life
Surviving College Life is your guide to the ins and outs of college, from how to get along with a roommate, to having fun on a student’s budget, handling the basics of living on your own, to making it through college classes, it’s a little bit of everything college right at your fingertips.
Are you a college student with an awesome blog you want to share with the world? Submit it to submissions (@)

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