Fashion Challenge: Wear Cowboy Boots

[The following post comes straight from our BFFs at CollegeFashion. If it weren’t for them, we’d still be wearing platform sneakers.]
Here at the University of Oklahoma, you will find a pair of cowboy boots in nearly everyone’s closet. Wearing them to class isn’t really the norm (unless you’re a frat boy and are also rocking a Columbia fishing shirt and backwards Ralph Lauren Polo hat), but girls here save them for occasions like home football games and country concerts. At OU, cowboy boots signify that you’re ready to dance and have a great time. I’ve had the same pair all through college, and the more beat-up they get, the more comfortable they feel!
Though cowboy boots aren’t unusual in parts of the midwest and the south, in many regions of the United States (and in other countries) these boots can be a neat way to make your outfit stand out. It’s not always easy to see cowboy boots as a fashion statement rather than just a part of a costume, but that’s why I’m here. Need to brush up on how to rock cowboy boots without looking ridiculous? Read on!
Tips and Tricks for Pulling off Cowboy Boots:

Consider the material and color. Suede boots look great, but are really difficult to maintain. Leather boots are the most classic, and they come in every color, the most popular options being black, brown, white, and red. I prefer boots that are made to be worn out, but some girls like styles that are more structured and formal.

Think about the style and shape. Pointed toes look the most authentic, but a rounded or square toe might make the boots more versatile. Calf-length cowboy boots are the most traditional, but ankle boots will give your outfit a nice boho-chic aesthetic.

Consider your budget. Forever 21 and Payless have cheap pairs that will be perfect if you only plan on wearing them every once in awhile. However, if you plan on having your cowboy boots for a long time, it’s worth the splurge for a nice pair. They’ll mold to your feet and become one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes in your closet!

Try them under your jeans. This is the way to go if you’re hesitant about wearing them out and about. They’ll give you a bit of a height boost and make your butt look tiny. Obviously this won’t work with your skinnies – cowboy boots will look best under boot cut or flared jeans.

Flaunt them by wearing them over a pair of skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, tights, or bare legs!

Keep them from looking costume-esque by refraining from wearing double denim, plaid shirts, a fringed vest, or your Daisy Dukes with them. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but the gingham dress/pigtails/cowboy boots look only works on occasions like Halloween.

Dress them up by wearing them with a dress! Cowboy boots will look great with almost any casual dress you own.

Keep the rest simple. Cowboy boots make enough of a statement on their own — let them have the spotlight by keeping the rest of your outfit relatively basic.
Still don’t believe you can make cowboy boots fashionable? Yeah, we didn’t either until we saw these adorable outfits starring Taylor Swift‘s favorite footwear.

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