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In The Adjustment Bureau, Matt Damon plays David Norris, a politician who falls for a dancer (played by Emily Blunt). Norris accidentally discovers that the world is run by a group whose job it is to keep everyone on their own life path; this “Adjustment Bureau” manages everyone’s fate. The Bureau tells him that he must stay away from his love interest or there will be dire consequences. It’s an enjoyable romance-action-adventure with some science fiction-y/fantasy aspects.
I find it hard to not enjoy Matt Damon’s movies; he’s honestly one of my favorite actors of our time. Although sometimes it is hard to watch him without getting “I’m F*cking Matt Damon” stuck in my head… (Just like I can’t watch Mark Wahlberg without thinking, “Say hi to your mother for me.”) But, I digress. He’s great and very believable as an optimistic politician. In fact, if Matt Damon actually did run for president, I probably would vote for him. As for his co-star, I don’t usually find myself overly impressed with Emily Blunt, but she was surprisingly likeable in this film as well.
The real show stealer, though, was Anthony Mackie who plays Harry, an Adjustment Bureau member who takes a particular interest in David Norris. His has the same stoic quality of all of the Bureau members, but he acts with his eyes to set him apart from the others. He is completely mesmerizing. And it’s saying a lot that he rivals Matt Damon for attention, just saying.
The Adjustment Bureau is surprisingly unique for a contemporary movie. It has its corny parts, but the film is cautious not to overwhelm its audience with cheesiness. There are religious undertones, but they are relatively subtle, which leaves the viewer to decide what to take away from the film. There are also a couple of sly references to global warming, which make a point but it doesn’t come across as propaganda. Although it would be nice if all of our politicians took such an interest in solar panels…
It drags at times; honestly, I think they could have cut out ten minutes or so. It is an interesting genre blend, as I mentioned, which sometimes had me questioning what kind of movie I was actually watching. But, that is part of why it’s exciting and unique.
Take a date to see The Adjustment Bureau this weekend if you get a chance. It has a nice blend of romance and action-adventure to keep everyone happy. Plus, it’ll get the conversation going at coffee afterward.
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