CollegeCandy's Guide to Day Drinking

As college students, we are all too familiar with the idea of drinking during the day. But for some reason we always decide to go balls deep by 9 AM!¬† And by the time we realize it was a stupid idea, it’s way too late to turn around. So by 6 PM you’re hung over and wanting to kill ourselves…which means no bar hopping to finish off the night and a major case of FOMO.
So with Mardi Gras/Spring Break/St. Patties day just around the corner, I think it’s time to give you all a refresher course in some of the Do’s and Don’ts of day time drinking:
Do: Have an 8 AM mimosa. It’s a holiday, and mama taught this girl to celebrate holidays with mimosas in the morning and straight champagne at night. What can I say…I’m classy. Just make sure to have some eggs with your classy drink, or you won’t be helping your go-all-day-without-vomiting¬†pledge.
Don’t: Do a keg stand at 8 AM. You want to last the whole day, right? Well, you don’t start off the day with the finale! So do as I do and save the keg stand for the evening hours.
Do: Carbo load. To the extreme! It’s important to get as much solid food in you as you can while you still know what you are eating. Not only will having more food in your stomach let you go longer, but it will make for a less obnoxious morning after. You know what mornings I’m talking about…where even your hair hurts and your roommate getting up for her 6 AM jog is reason enough to kill her.
Don’t: Put green food coloring in your beer. I don’t care how much money it saves you, just don’t. Well, I mean unless you think having green teeth for 2+ days after St. Patties day is a good look. Then by all means, go ahead, drink up.

Do: Set a spending limit for drinks. It’s important not to blow all your money on a weekend of drinking. So set a limit for yourself and just bring that amount of cash. Leave your debit/credit at home, I repeat, LEAVE YOUR PLASTIC AT HOME!
Don’t: Starve yourself! Eat throughout the day. Pretzels are good for soaking up alcohol and so is any kind of bread. If you don’t eat, you won’t make it past brunch and what’s the point of day drinking if you don’t even make it to the actual “day” part?
Do: Stick to one form of alcohol. No matter how delicious that Jameson shot looks (God, you must be hammered already if that looks appealing), fight the urge to switch to the hard stuff. We all know that’s not gonna end well.
Don’t: Try to keep up with your friends. Everyone has a different alcohol limit, and there is no point in getting wasted by noon just to keep up. Pace yourself, and just remember people are always jealous of lightweights…think of all the money/calories you save!
Do: Drink water. especially if you are outside all day! Not only will alcohol dehydrate you, but so will the sun, so it’s important that you keep drinking water. By keeping a filled bottle of water on you while enjoying your day drinking games, it will help you last for the whole day. Just make sure to alternate sooner rather than later. And remember it is okay to take a break!
Don’t: Pull an all-nighter before your day of drinking. This is day drinking, not day napping, people.
Remember, if you are having an all day drinking event do not drink and drive. At all. It’s just stupid. But other than that, have fun and hopefully (if you follow this list) you’ll be able to be the last (wo)man standing!

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