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Demi Lovato is Out of Rehab and Heading Back to Disney


For those of you not in the know, Demi, the only Disney star who can really belt it out, just got out of rehab. And you’ve got to hand it to the girl – she has played the classy card the whole time and hasn’t really capitalized on her inner turmoil (cough Lindsey Lohan cough cough). Today, Demi even sent a heartwarming video to her fans letting them know she’s ready to get back to work and that she wants to help other people and blah, blah, blah.

That’s all well and good, but what about Disney? You know, that company that sent her (and many starlets) on her downward spiral? What are they saying?

Nothing. Obvi.

But maybe it’s time. And I’m not talking about some boring press release or a statement from the top. Disney should do what they do best and turn their curse into TV gold. I can see it in my DVR scheduled recordings now:

Rehab: Not Another Song and Dance

The main character, a psychic girl who moonlights as an AA counselor, played by Demi Lovato, takes the show on twists and turns that will keep the audience guessing her next move. Will she smoke Salvia with her best friend? Is she going to fall off the wagon after 9 months? Can she help other Disney stars resist the urges and temptations that come with having to act like a 14-year-old and sing cheesy songs on TV?

But don’t worry, because Raven Simone, who plays the center’s sassy yet endearing cleaning lady, is always there to help out young Demi in her battles against right and wrong. And that’s not even close to where the story ends! Enter Nick Jonas, a teen who has battled his addiction with alcohol since his mother, played by Britney Spears, pushed him into his first Pampers commercial. Of course, momma is also a little too familiar with the Rehab center, so the two must work with Demi’s character to beat their diseases….while also finding themselves in the midst of shenanigans and hijinks that run rampant in Disney shows/movies/specials.

But Lovato isn’t the only one those two turn to in their time of need. Momma Spears has other problems, such as being unable to keep a steady job or boyfriend, and often visits the wise janitor at the clinic, played by Justin Timberlake, on matters concerning the heart. Could Justin sweep (literally!!) Britney off her feet?

And then we have the leading doctor, played by Hilary Duff, a young professional who battles demons of her own… in the form of a cartoon mouse whose voice is reminiscent to Tony Soprano. Will Duff do the right thing and break up with boyfriend Joe Jonas, a firefighter with a heart of gold, but a problem with keeping it in his pants? Will she be able to maintain her focus at work when her whole world crumbles around her at home? Will she hit a bong herself?

Only time will tell.

Other doctors on the clinic’s staff include twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, who enjoy playing tricks on the patients by changing places and giving them two different diagnoses, and Corbin Bleu, a new doctor to the clinic who is trying to find his way after moving from a small town in Iowa to LA. Bleu has dreams of becoming a backup dancer for J.Lo but doesn’t know how to tell his parents he is not cut out for the medical world.

The show, which is riddled with exciting songs and guest stars turned down by the Glee execs, will touch on serious issues (from Salvia to stealing jewelry to fuel a coke binge) in order to educate the channel’s young viewers about the dangers of drug addiction. You know, instead of just sweeping it under the rug yet again and hoping for the best with the new crop of stars comin’ through the Disney ranks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited at the prospect. At last! Something else to watch besides ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ on a Friday night!

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