If Kanye West Designed Clothes…

"Baby seals WANT to die to be a part of a Kanye West coat."

We all know who Kanye is. We also know what a douchelord Kanye is. And how rumors seem to cling to him like super glue. Well, the latest rumor buzzing about Kanye is that he is heading to Fashion School.
I know what you’re thinking: Who would want to wear anything made by Kanye Inc? Well have no fear, rumors are called rumors for a reason. And don’t worry, F.I.T. students, you will not – I repeat, WILL NOT – be seeing Kanye in your sewing 101 courses any time soon.
And thank god; the fashion industry isn’t ready for Kanye (even if the music industry could use a little break). After all, they’ve already got Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano. I’m pretty sure they’ve reached their ego threshold for the century without adding Kanye’s antics into the mix:
“I’mma let you finish, Betsy Johnson, but we all know that my neon patterned pants are the best neon patterned pants EVER.” Fashion may be subjective to most, but not to Mr. West. His eye is the best and everyone else is just second string. And right place or wrong, Kanye can’t help but share his opinions with the world, so what will stop him from hopping on the runway to give his two cents?
Two Words: Shutter Shades. Do we really need more of that crap in stores?
Models…who needs models? Kanye would just have a one-man runway show starring…none other than himself. It wouldn’t matter if there were women’s clothes in his line, there is only one model suited to wear Kanye’s clothes, and that is Kanye.
Kanye’s got sick style, no doubt about that, but if he took up fashion design, he’d have no time to update his Twitter, talk about himself or toast to all the douche bags. And what would the world be without all that?
Do us all a favor, Kanye, and stick to what you do best…..being you.

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