Your Ultimate Spring Break Pre-Party Playlist

Spring is in the air and though you may not exactly be able to tell from the weather quite yet, don’t you just feel it coming?
My mind is starting to wander off and not care about school as much…or at all. I seem to be dressing in more brightly colored clothes and all I’m waiting for is the time of year people start setting up beer pong tables on their front lawns. Oh, the glory of spring day drinking.
I think there are just one too many excuses to celebrate this month – from Spring Break to St. Patty’s Day and even Mardi Gras (even though I will not exactly be there to enjoy it…). Let me tell you, March is really gonna test my stamina.
In order to get you adequately prepped and pumped for all the exciting things to come in the month ahead, I’ve put together yet another brilliant pre-party playlist. (In case you’ve missed out on any of my others, check them out here). This one’s a mix of the old and the new, with pre-party classics like, “You Be Killin Em” by Fabolous and newer stuff by some of your favorite artists, like David Guetta and Big Sean.
So find a way to get through midterms and then celebrate all things Spring with me by throwing on this awesome playlist.
March, I can’t freakin’ wait!
Click here to get your Spring pre-party playlist.

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