Emma Watson is "Taking Some Time Off" from Brown

According to our friends over at PopEater, Emma Watson is taking some time off from Brown to pursue her professional and acting projects. And I for one, am really bothered by the news.
Why, you ask, do I care if Emma Watson pursues a bachelor’s degree at Brown University? Well, because Emma Watson is one of the few female celebrities that I actually like, you know, as a person, as a woman, and not just as a female icon for sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I had high hopes for our girl Emma with her short spunky hair and her witty retorts. Not only did she portray one of my favorite book characters ever, but she almost seemed like a genuinely nice person, and more than that, she seemed liked a genuinely normal girl. (Despite the acting career, the trust fund, and the millions of dollars she makes per Harry Potter movie.)
But now Emma Watson is taking some time off school to focus on her career and that just messes with my mind. I get it; balancing school with her celebrity lifestyle is difficult, and I understand that when she says she’ll be back at Brown in a few semesters she might actually be back at Brown in a few semesters. But I just can’t help but be a little…disappointed. Which probably isn’t entirely fair, but it’s still true.
According to her blog, Emma will be taking some time off to finish up her Harry Potter obligations and focus on her professional and acting career for a while. She’ll still be getting her degree at Brown, she assured fans, but it just might take her a little longer than she thought. But let’s be real for a minute ladies: how many people, never mind celebrities, take time off from college and actually go back (Besides Rory Gilmore)? Especially when they don’t need to. I mean if Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard and hasn’t looked back, do we really expect Emma Watson to?
Not when she can be walking the red carpet, designing clothes, and attending awards ceremonies. Not when a college degree is completely unnecessary because she already has a career and all the money she will ever need, college degree or not. She never needed to go to college. And I think that’s why I liked it so much that she did. As a fellow bookworm, I have a lot of respect for celebrities who get their college degrees even when they clearly don’t need to, who do it for the love of learning, who do it because they can. That’s what Emma Watson was doing, and now she’s not and I think that’s why this is hitting me so hard.
Granted, Emma Watson’s college life was never exactly normal, with paparazzi snapping shots of her walking to and from class, and jet setting it across the country on weekends, but she was making the effort. And she might make the effort again in a few years, when things finally calm down for her, and if she does I will be happy to admit I was wrong. But now, along with Emma’s attempts at having a “normal college experience,” my high hopes for this girl have been put on hold.

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