Sex in the News: Waiting, Cheating, and Viability

A new sex study shows that a growing number of teens and young adults are not having sex. The National Center for Health Statistics released the study, which found 27 percent of men and 29 percent of women between 15 and 25 years old have never had a sexual encounter. The last round of data released in 2005 showed that 22 percent of young adults had not had sex. This study is considered to be the most in-depth federal report ever released. In order to avoid confusion, the study went into more detail than previous versions, even defining things such as oral sex. While just under 30 percent of males and females have not had vaginal intercourse, 62.6 percent of females and 64 percent of men said they’d had oral sex. Other findings showed young women as being more experimental with their sexuality; women are twice as likely to have a same-sex encounter than men. A higher percentage of women in this age range identify themselves as either bisexual or homosexual. Researchers attribute this to women feeling it is more socially acceptable for them to be experimental so they are more apt to admit to their experimentation.
A British study found women are more likely to cheat than men. The poll conducted by dating firm Coffee & Company showed 25 percent of the females surveyed were certain they’d be unfaithful if they found someone else, compared to only 9 percent of men. College guys shouldn’t fear just yet though (unless you’re dating a cougar); it’s the 35-40 female age group that is most likely to have an affair.
A nine-week-old fetus “testified” during an Ohio committee hearing about a new abortion bill. The “Heartbeat Bill” would require women have an ultrasound prior to having an abortion; if a heartbeat can be detected, the procedure would be prohibited unless it was deemed medically necessary. This bill would say a fetus is viable as soon as a heartbeat was detected; viability is whether or not a fetus could survive outside of the womb. During the hearing two mothers at different stages in their pregnancy were brought in and had their ultrasound projected onto a screen and the heartbeat played. Some pro-choice lawmakers chose not to attend the hearing as they thought it was an abuse of the women in order to make a point.
What do you think about all of this? Did you expect women to cheat more than men? For the number of sexually active teens to decline? Let’s discuss.

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