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I love going to concerts, but I always manage to hear about them long after the tickets are sold out. Then I spend weeks hearing about how excited my friends are to see <Insert Favorite Band Here> and another few weeks listening to them gush about how amazing <Insert Favorite Song Here> was live.
Well, I’ll never have to pretend I don’t want to punch them in the face worry about that again now that I’ve discovered iConcertCal.
iConcertCal is a GENIUS tool that syncs with your iTunes library to create a personalized calendar of all upcoming concerts in your area. It also contains information about the venue, what other bands are playing, and direct links to where you can purchase tickets.
If that isn’t amazing enough, iConcertCal can be exported right to your computer’s calendar and is also available as an iPhone or Android app, so you can get concert info whenever and wherever you need it. You can also share your calendar with friends (and see their shared calendars as well).
And iConcertCal isn’t just for concerts — it will also show you if any artists you like have CDs being released soon and provides links to where you can pre-order them.
Thanks to iConcertCal, I’ll never miss another concert! I’ve already discovered so many upcoming  concerts I want to go to — but now I just have to decide which ones to buy tickets to!
Pretty cool, eh? Well, there’s plenty more web where that came from. Check out the other sites that are on Laura’s web radar!

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