How to Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame in College

Everyone secretly wants to be famous. Maybe you want to be known for your intelligence and take over the world, like Mark Zuckerburg did with Facebook. Maybe you’re the type that wants to fake-bake yourself so orange that you get mistaken for an oompa loompa, tease the s!#t out of your hair to create a bulging mass on the top of your head, and make yourself a common household name for your skanky ways like Snooki did.  Or, maybe you’ll “accidentally” get caught on camera doing what you do best and end up making a fortune off of it, like Paris Hilton did.
Being famous seems pretty fabulous, and if you want to get up to the level of Mark, ole’ Snooks, or even Paris, who’s always on top in her video and off, college is the place to start.  If you think running for office, being involved in multiple organizations, or leading your sorority is going to get you famous, it’s not. Don’t be a fool. To get your 15 minutes of fame, you’re going to need to step it up. If you do, those 15 minutes could turn into much more. Like your very own, crappy reality television show.
The most epic of all ways to get your 15 minutes of fame in college is to go streaking. I’m not talking about drinking a few too many then running down your street at 3:00 in the morning when no one’s around. I’m talkin’ leaving your clothes on the sidelines of the biggest basketball game of the season and running across the court. You may end up going to jail, but you’ll look darn good in your mug shots.
Get With Every Member of the Football Team.
You’re bound to be the topic of everyone’s conversation after you’ve scored a touch down with every single football player at your school. If you don’t feel like letting them all have it, make sure you at least get with the starters. Yes, you will be the newly-acclaimed school skank, but it’s so worth it.
Drop your Tray in the Dining Center.
We have all seen that person. The one that fills their tray with loads of the lovely dining center’s processed junk and trips, sending the heaps of mashed potatoes, hot dogs, and tots flying across the room. The sound of plates breaking sends everyone’s heads turning in their direction. It’s hilarious— and you end up talking about that person for the rest of your dinner.  Little do you realize, that person just became famous. Maybe not in the way that the person would have hoped, but it happened.
Start a Food Fight.
Take it to the next level. Dropping your tray and flinging food all over is cool, but if it’s not on accident, it’s so much cooler. Pick out the most disgusting food (preferably things that are easy to fling on a spoon), and start the greatest food fight in the history of your school. Sure, this will get you into huge trouble, but it will be a great story to tell the kids someday.
Throw the Party of the Year.
This can’t be just any party. We’re talkin’ the kind of party where you wake up in the morning to find half of your attendees passed out in your front lawn. Where your house is so trashed that there’s no way it’s even safe to live there until you hire a professional team of men wearing gas masks to come clean it out. This party will go down in history, and so will you. Oh, and don’t forget the cheese puffs.

Whether you’ve had your 15 minutes or not, it’s probably not a good idea to actually take our advice unless you want to end up in the slammer. But either way, we want to hear about it! Have you gotten your 15 minutes of fame in college? If not, what are you going to do to get it?

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