Interview with mark. Representative and Mentor (GIVEAWAY)

Meet a real mark. rep!

Let’s face it – college is expensive. And I’m not even talking about tuition costs or room and board! There’s all sorts of other money-draining activities like those beer runs, late night pizza orders, and huge grocery shopping lists. How is a girl supposed to fund herself when there’s school, clubs, and parties to attend to?!
Well, the answer has never been easier. There is a fun, easy, and amazingly flexible way to make some money. Let me introduce you to the mark. college program!
Ever heard of mark.? If you have, you know that mark. is a prestigious cosmetic and fashion brand that includes all the latest trends from the runway and cosmetics counters. But let’s talk more about this program because I know you’ve got to be interested.
A couple of days ago, I sat down with Kelsey Riley, a mark. representative and mentor, to get the lowdown on this fantastic college program, their cutting-edge products, and what exactly it takes to become a mark. representative yourself!
College Candy: “So you’re a part of the mark. college program – could you tell us a little about that?”
Kelsey Riley: “Yes! Actually the college program is kind of a little outdated now. I’m actually a mentor now and that just means I’m in charge of a region and that’s about 3-10 representatives in the state of Maryland and a little bit in DC. And what I do is, I just help them get started becoming a mark. rep, and also continue their careers as a mark. rep and just to be as successful as they can be. I attend a lot of their parties, I have mark. training meetings, and I kind of just, like, encourage them and motivate them to be the best that they can be with mark.
College Candy: “Oh, wow! That sounds great! So how did you get involved with mark.?”
Kelsey Riley: “It was through the college program at George Mason University, that’s where I go, and I was a Freshman and wanted to get involved with school and wanted to get experience under my belt and just try to live up the college experience. And I went to an event because they said they had a free lip gloss for coming so I was like, ‘Oh, I love makeup! So I’ll go see what it’s about.”
College Candy: “So was it just one of those really cheesy and overwhelming sales pitches?”
Kelsey Riley: I was really inquisitive at first and asking all these questions, thinking there had to be some sort of catch. Like, how can you have all this opportunity and have there be no catch? But I signed up and found out there really is no catch and there’s all kinds of opportunities that opened up for me after that. So it’s pretty cool.”

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