24 Things I Would Have Done With That 24th Hour

Hey ladies, this is me reminding you to turn your clocks ahead one hour tonight. Because it’s daylight saving time and we’re losing an hour (Spring ahead. Fall back. That’s how I always remember it.), and if you forget to make the change that means you’ll miss MTV’s rerun of Thursday night’s episode of Jersey Shore, and you’ll just be really, super disoriented for the whole day.

But that’s not even the worst part, the worst part is that we really are losing an hour. One whole hour of our lives! Granted, we’ll get it back in the fall, but I don’t want it back in the fall. I want it now! I mean, I had plans! Big plans, I was going to…

1. Do some cooking.

2. Finding all seven of the sexy zones.

3. Download a few new songs.

4. Update my resume.

5. Better my social media presence.

6. Catch up on some old TV shows.

7. Debate the bigger issues with the boys at COED.

8. Buy a new pair of shoes.

9. Or a new bag.

10.  Double check my Facebook settings.

11. Get my butt bikini ready.

12. Contemplate the ins and outs of post grad life.

13. ROTFL.

14. Try to determine whether or not she’s really a frenemy.

15.  Correct those misconceptions I’ve had about sex.

16. Debate whether or not Michelle really is the best choice for Brad.

17. Sign up for a few of these classes.

18. Get back in the dating game.

19. Petition to get Charlie Sheen as my commencement speaker.

20.  Try out J.Lo’s newest look.

21. Gleek out.

22. Successfully trim my own bangs.

23. Correct my speech habits.

24. Day drink.

Or you know, maybe I would have just caught up on my sleep. Either way though, daylight saving time is totally messing with my mind.

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