One-Month Challenge: Chocolate-Free, Week 2

[Everyone’s got a vice, a bad habit, something they know they need to change. Unfortunately, everyone also has a million excuses why they just can’t do it. Not anymore. Every month we will be following a different CollegeCandy writer as she takes on a personal challenge. This month, reader Lauren is going on chocolate detox. How did she do this week?]
Before I began this tortuous challenge, I would usually finish my dinner then go through my cupboards and fridge to find something for dessert. And it always included chocolate: chocolate pudding, chocolate chip cookies, frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce, or just a plain chocolate bar. Now I detest the time after dinner! I spent this week looking for treats that would satisfy my sweet tooth, but didn’t always end up satisfied. One night, in a moment of desperation, I reached deep into the bowels of my freezer and found these cinnamon sticks that were actually delicious. But most nights, I stared at the half-eaten chocolate bar in my cupboard or the Boston cream snack cakes with chocolate drizzled all over them and longed to have them in my belly.
To keep myself sane, I keep trying to remind myself why I started this challenge in the first place. Do I really need a chocolate or any other kind of fattening dessert after I just ate my whole dinner? Probably not. A little something definitely won’t hurt me, but perhaps I should wait a few hours when I’ll be hungry again for a healthier snack.
The temptations just kill me, though. Some of you suggested I get rid of chocolately treats in my house, but I can’t exactly throw away food my parents bought and plan on eating. My mom made brownies the other night and when I said, “You couldn’t wait a few weeks?” she replied, “Well your father kept bugging me to make them!” So there they sit. And here I stare.
Then, my boyfriend was eating chocolate covered raisins the other night and playfully held them in front of my face. And I kinda freaked out. Oops. (Sorry, boyfriend. I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms, OK?!)
And when we went out for the BF’s birthday, the waiter brought him a bowl of free ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Not even thinking, I went to take a bite. With the spoon halfway to my mouth, I thought “Crap! It’s chocolate!” I did have a few bites trying to avoid the chocolate and I realized how hard it is to stop doing something cold turkey.
But it hasn’t been all bad! Due to my complete boredom some nights and my attempts to not sit and drool at the chocolate that seems to be EVERYWHERE, I’ve actually been working out more. Even if working out means jogging on the Treadmill in my basement I’m sure is from the 1970s and doing a dance workout on the Wii. Hey, it works and makes me feel great! I’m hoping working out when I would normally be watching TV or possibly eating chocolate is the best thing I can do.
This challenge is definitely enlightening me to the fact that no, I don’t need chocolate, but I definitely will never totally give it up either. (Especially when desserts like this exist.) It’s also making me realize how much I truly love chocolate chip cookies. Every time I go into Subway I longingly look into that box of delicious cookies and sigh.
Only a few more weeks to go! Any more advice or inspiration for me to keep going?
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