Shop Your Closet: Boyfriend Jeans

[When moving into either a dorm or an off-campus apartment, your wardrobe will face two major challenges: 1. A major lack of funding (to add more to it), and 2. A major lack of storage space (for all the crap you’ve got). For these two reasons, maximizing what you already own becomes essential. That’s why you need to learn to Shop Your Closet. Each week, I’ll show you how to wear 1 item 3 ways – with the stuff you most likely already own! – to get the most out of your purchases.]

I’m being incredibly optimistic about the weather. After several weeks of gray skies, rain, snow, sleet and at times a strange hybrid of precipitation, the weather network is telling me it’s going to be sunny next week(!!!) And after months of only wearing things that can be stuffed into boots that make my feet sweat, all I want to do is show a little ankle (even if it means shaving my legs).
Which is why I’ve been dreaming about pulling my boyfriend jeans out from the bottom of my dresser drawer. Those little guys haven’t seen the light of day since September and I miss them dearly. Lucky for them and for all of us who have a pair (or 3), boyfriend jeans are going to stay strong this season, meaning now is the perfect time to figure out how you’ll add them back into your outfits as it starts to (fingers-crossed) warm up.

Surviving Senior Year: Spring Cleaning
Surviving Senior Year: Spring Cleaning
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