The Weekly Ten: Fictional Boyfriends

So we all know that lately pop culture has been a little bit obsessed with vampires. True Blood. Twilight. The Vampire Diaries. It’s everywhere we look and a part of everything we do. But we’re not just obsessed with vampires. We’re obsessed with vampire boyfriends. Edward Cullen in particular. An as someone who spends way too much time in the fictional world I have to step back, and ask…really? I mean come on!
Edward Cullen is not the best fictional boyfriend out there. He’s obsessive, overbearing, and would find great satisfaction in tearing open his girlfriend’s veins and drinking her blood. This is the guy that makes you swoon? Well not me. He’s not my idea of the best fictional boyfriend out there. He’s not even close. Who is, you ask? Well I’ve compiled a list to answer just that question (and put off any of the more important tasks I have yet to accomplish today). Below are my top ten fictional boyfriends, all of whom are real flesh and blood, albeit fictional, men that don’t sparkle in the sunlight.
10. Mike Chang. You know, Tina’s boyfriend from Glee. Not only is he a football player but he has swoon worthy dance moves and even swoon worthier abs.
9. Flynn Rider. The last Disney prince. The one from Tangled. Yes I’ve seen Tangled. What’ is it to you? A little sarcastic, a little funny, and very much the reluctant hero. He’s definitely not as boring as the Disney princes before him and so for that reason alone he makes the list.
8. Nathaniel Archibald. Okay, so I don’t have any legitimate reasons for this one seeing as how he’s a manwhore both literally and figuratively, he’s cheated on almost all of his girlfriends, and he’s hooked up with every female regular besides Lily van der Woodsen (as far as we know), but… he’s so pretty!
7. Seth Cohen. Yes, the geeky guy from the O.C. made it onto the list, mostly because I’ve always had the biggest crush on Adam Brody, but also because that upside down, in the rain, Spiderman kiss that he and Summer share is one of my favorite TV kisses of all time.
6. Cappie. Casey’s on again off again boyfriend from Greek is a favorite of mine. Yes, he’s childish and has a bit of a Peter Pan complex but he’s also a genuinely nice guy. And when Casey asked him where he wanted to be in ten years he said “I want to be with you.” Sigh.  If only.
5. Chandler Bing. The class clown. The commitment-phobe. The one everyone thought was gay. Okay, so that’s all true. But he’s also the guy who overcame all of that and fell in love with his best friend. Plus, he looks really cute with glasses, don’t you think?
4. Aiden Shaw. I was a Carrie and Mr. Big fan. I always have been and I always will be. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate just how awesome of a boyfriend Aiden really was. He forgave Carrie for cheating on him, redid her apartment, and his voice had this sort of twang to it that just makes me want to watch him speak. Shirtless.
3. Dan Humphrey. Serena van der Woodsen’s loyal Brooklyn boyfriend. Dan gets a bit of a bad rep with the Upper East Siders but personally I think he’s a great guy. Cute. Smart. Funny. And he has that whole tortured artist thing down perfectly. What’s a girl gotta do be his muse?
2. Alex Karev. This poor guy has yet to have a relationship that doesn’t end in his girlfriend going crazy, dying, or moving across the country, and I think that’s terrible because Alex deserves better. He’s a good guy, deep, deep, deep down, who will always be therefore his girl when she needs him. Give him a lasting love interest, Shonda Rhimes.
1. Pacey Witter. Yes, the sidekick from Dawson’s Creek is taking the top spot and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Maybe it’s the swooning pre-teen in me but when I think of my favorite fictional boyfriend, I think of Pacey Witter. With Joey, Andie, or even that other chick he dates in the later episodes when he can’t have Joey, Pacey Witter was a great boyfriend. In my eyes this boy can do no wrong. And plus, you know, he’s adorable.
In case you couldn’t tell based on this list I have a type. It’s called tall, dark, and a little bit dorky and/or dangerous. So if you know anyone that fits the bill, send him my way, okay?
Who are your dream fictional boyfs?

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