10 New Careers for Snooki

Move over, Danica Patrick!

Have you heard? Everyone’s favorite Guidette has got herself a new career!

According to out friends over at PopEater, Snooki will be facing off against WWE’s Michelle McCool and Layla in Wrestlemania XXVII. (Watch her wrestling warm-up here.)

Everyone knows Snooki can hold her own in a fight. Her Jersey Shore showdowns have proven that much, but this is a whole new level of smackdown for our Snooki. Can she handle it? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean she should.  If I’m being  honest, this is not her best idea. (And that includes the whole NYE ball drop disaster.) Snooki may be cut out for bar brawls but not for wrestlemania. But if she is really looking for a “career change”, you know away from the blossoming career she’s had as a reality TV star, I’ve got a few other options for her.

1. A race car driver. Does Snooki even have a driver’s license? I’m not sure. But if she doesn’t she can get one. If only so she can wear one of those racing outfits. In leopard print. I’d just really like to see nothing but that poof popping up over top of the steering wheel.

2. A cleaning lady. Not the most glamorous job, sure. But after that episode a few weeks ago when she tackled that toilet with liquid soap I just know that Snooki has a knack for house cleaning. The faces she makes, the sound of her screeches, and her attempts to tell the difference between Lysol and Clorox Cleanup would just be a plus.

3. A bouncer. Now that we know Snooki can handle herself in a fight, I think a bouncer would be great job for her. She’d get to work in a club, wear the same outfits,  and listen to the same music.  I mean, she could work at Karma. And when the night is over she could grab one of the guys she kicked out and take him home to get it in.

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