Celebrities Have Dreams, Too

So you know how celebs are always telling us that they’re just like you and me, that underneath their cool clothes and their fancy cars and their mansions, they’re just normal people? Well, it turns out they weren’t lying. It turns out they have unachievable dreams too. While we spend our time wishing we could be more like them, certain celebs are wishing and waiting for the day they’ll get to play their idols. Some of them have a thing for comic book heroes. Others prefer remakes or Tim Burton movies.  And some well, some are just weird.
Want to know who Robert Pattinson wishes he could play? (I always thought he was playing his dream role!) What about Channing Tatum (It’s hot.)  Justin Bieber? (It’s disturbing.)  Bradley Cooper? (It’s swoon worthy.) How about Jennifer Garner or Nicki Minaj?
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