Greek Speak: It's Spring Break, Baby!

So it’s Spring Break and I only have two words: hell yes. Here are the top 10 ways Greeks keep it, well, Greek on vacation.
1.     More flags than the Olympics – You all know what I’m talking about… Greeks are extremely territorial, and this doesn’t stop on Spring Break. Those giant, obnoxious flags you see out on the beach (but can barely make out in your drunken state) are a point of pride for the typical frat-star.
2. Throw what you know – Confused by sorority girls throwing mystery gang signs on the beach for a picture? Don’t be. Fear not, you precious little GDI – sorority girls across the country this week are going on Spring Break, and will undoubtedly scrunch together, pose in the “sorority squat” position, and throw up their sorority letters with their hands. Harmless, I promise.

3. When mixing pastel polos, Sperry’s and board shorts becomes acceptable – By definition? The ultimate frat-star… and grounds to make any sorority girl cringe. But unfortunately, you are still going to see it. A lot of it. It’s frat boy beach fashion at it’s finest, and it’s not going anywhere. Brace yourself.

4. When it’s never wrong to bong – No lattes this week, ladies. Everyone knows that one person on your Spring Break trip. The one who starts his/her morning with vodka Red Bull and ends it with his/her head in the toilet….at 1pm.

5. Frat-tat – We all wish it didn’t happen. In fact, we’d never imagine it in our wildest dreams. But when the swimsuits come out, you might have the privilege of spotting some major frat pride ink down some guy’s side, on his back, or (sadly) his ankle. Brothers for life, yo.

6. Overcast & sunglasses on the beach = hangover – Let’s just straighten something up right now: don’t ever make fun of a sorority girl in her Ray Bans. It doesn’t matter if it’s pitch black and thunder storming outside, she’s clearly hungover. Let it be.

7. When cramming 20+ people in a hot tub doesn’t seem gross – Greeks are one big, happy family. On Spring Break, we are going to take full advantage of this.

8. Shacking Spring Break style – Shacking on Spring Break is so much easier… no classes to wake up for the next morning, no embarrassing “shacker” chants as you attempt to escape out the front door, and the walk home is a hell of a lot more when you’ve got your toes in the sand.

9. Liquid diet – There really isn’t much to say about this. When it’s time to put on a bikini, it’s time to get skinny! It’s common knowledge that a lot of girls’ theory is as follows: “I want to go running because my legs look fat, but I can’t go running because my legs look too fat” See what I’m sayin’? It’s a tough life.

10. The ‘frat-lap’ becomes a ‘beach- lap’ – Frat boys are still setting up shop down in PCB, so no worries ladies. You can still go from frat to frat on break.

What is the funniest think YOU have seen Greeks do on Spring Break? What does YOUR sorority do for Spring Break?

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