Glee-cap: Taking 'The Road Less Traveled' All The Way To Regionals

Thankfully, Rachel's performance was better than the dress/pant/boot combo.

This week’s episode of Glee was downright ORIGINAL.  And no, I’m not talking about the New Directions and their decision to unleash their inner Joni Mitchells by writing original songs for Regionals – I’m talking about the fact that this episode opened with a musical number.  As usual, Blaine led the Warblers in a note-perfect cover of a Top 40 song – but this time was a little different, mostly because someone dared to defy the ironclad hierarchy that the Warblers so famously employ.  Kurt called Blaine out on taking all of the group’s solos for himself.
It’s clear that The Warblers are headed for a much-needed change.  Perhaps the most obvious symbol for this change is the death of Pavorotti, their mascot.  To commemorate his life, Kurt dons a fabulous all-black outfit (I’m pretty sure he was wearing an epaulet.  And I’m pretty sure I want one now.)  and does a version of the Beatles classic “Blackbird.”  Kurt’s performance is imperfect, loosely interpreted, and emotionally invested, and it represents the direction the Warblers need to take in their performances if they want a chance at taking Regionals.
Back at home base (aka McKinley High), Rachel had written another uninspired ballad.  Finn, who is apparently the only person who cares enough to listen to her songwriting attempts (and the only person she cares to take any advice from) tells her that second attempt is still not there – she needs to dig deeper, be more emotional to really strike songwriting gold.    It seems like Rachel will never get the chance to debut her original material – until Mr. Schuester tells the club that they’re no longer allowed to perform “Sing,” the anthem they had been rehearsing.  The kids decide to put their heads together to come up with an all-new anthem to perform instead.  Quinn points out that the New Directions are best when they push themselves, do something different, and show some heart – and for once, I actually agree with her.  Her voice is still annoying as all hell, though.

Candy Dish: Focus on You!
Candy Dish: Focus on You!
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