This Post Grad Life: Don't Lose That Cocky Feelin'

You got this, girl.

Alright post-grads, future post-grads, and people who think they are post-grads but are really just thirty-years-old and clinging on to their blissful youth.  For some reason as a post-grad myself, I’ve found it easiest to write about things that depress me.  I guess I just like an excuse to indulge in brownie sundaes nightly. But the truth is, the post-grad life isn’t depressing!  In reality, it’s a beautiful time for all of us to open doors after some have been slammed in our faces.  Think about the power you obtain in that single movement!
But I digress.
When we leave college, we immediately assume we’ve lost so much. And by so much, I mean everything. I’ll be straight up honest with you: when I was in college, I was an annoying, cocky, lady-child (in the best way possible). I think it had something to do with the fact that while I was living the dream, napping intensely during the week, drinking until 3AM, getting in everywhere for free as long as I flashed someone my boobs student ID – basically living like a homeless celebrity – I felt as if nothing could get past me.
College was my own protective placenta of awesomeness; a slice of time when I could bask in everything that was working out for me (i.e. free food, a semi-careless attitude, eating whatever sat in front of me, not worrying about what anyone thought).  I know I’m completely sounding like a cocky a**hole, but college made me feel weirdly confident.  I felt like I could do anything, dream anything and, most importantly, see everything clearly.  Perhaps it was some evolved pair of college beer goggles, but I saw everything without any glitches, scratches or worries.  I knew that by the end of the semester I would have survived somehow and I could look forward to a fresh slate in January.
When I graduated, though, I lost that college invincibility factor.  I was no longer sitting on the top of the world or starring in my own personal Fantasia movie, controlling whatever I wanted with my ‘I-don’t-give-a-sh*t’ magic wand.  I was sitting in a world engulfed by people who would not adhere to me, who wouldn’t pay my loans and who didn’t give a rat’s about how entirely awesome I was at college.
I tried to get back in touch with that ‘amazingness’ factor for so long but couldn’t find it because I didn’t have college to back me up.  I didn’t have all my friends constantly telling me how fun the weekend had been. I didn’t have professors praising me for joining clubs on campus. I didn’t have parents patting my back when I made it on the Dean’s List or did well on a test.  I left college and suddenly, an amazing, satisfying life was entirely up to me. I no longer had college to define what was happening. I needed to define this new life myself.

Well, that’s scary…
…And the soul reason why I think everyone should keep a piece of that college cockiness within them (in good measure, of course) as a post-grad and hold it close to their heart.  Many people view cockiness as a negative quality, but I believe cockiness can be turned into an element of confidence that helps us get by. Especially when we’re facing the unknown head-on. We don’t need to shove cockiness in other’s faces (i.e. make YouTube videos where we talk about how amazing we are and how our bodies are fueled with Tiger Blood); we can simply remind ourselves of our personal greatness (because we’ve all got it, girls, even if it doesn’t feel like it right about now) and use it to believe in ourselves and push ourselves forward.
In college, I believed I could do anything I wanted, from acing a class to bonging 2 beers in one funnel. As a post-grad, I continually want to believe I can do anything.  I want to feel invincible.  And I don’t want to have to chug a few shots of liquid courage to get there. (Trust me – drinking just isn’t as easy when you’re out of college. Sad face.) That is when I channel my inner cocky college girl. I don’t need my friends or parents or teachers to back me up here; I got everything I need to kick ass out here and take some names (and numbers. Call me, boys!). I’m an adult, dammit. A woman. I learned everything I need to know about my profession and have the skills I need to be successful out here.
I know it now, so I’m lifting my head up and forging on.
I used to just be really good at college, but now I’ve got a whole new list of things to feel good about. Watch out, world – cocky bitch comin’ through.

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