Budget Stylista: Thinking Spring (Jackets)

Spring is in the air! Can you smell it? Can you feeeeeel it?
Sorry, I think I’m high on bird chirping and my first iced latte of the season….
For many of us, this week brought the first real warm, gloveless days of the year. Ah, how I love that first day of 55 degree weather, when we all think 55 degrees means summer and you actually see people walking the streets in shorts and flip-flops, pretending they are perfectly cozy when they’re really covered in goose bumps and their leg hair is growing back. Not that they’ll admit it, or suck it up and rock their puffy jackets on a day like today. Not. A. Chance.
But we all understand. After all, it’s been EONS since we’ve been able to even comprehend the idea of going out without our frenemy, the North Face, and frankly, most of us have no clue what else to wear. So we wear nothing at all. And then we thank god our bras are padded so it’s not quite as obvious to passersby how cold we really are.
Well not anymore. Enter: the spring jacket.
There is no need to catch pneumonia (or have the rest of the world think you are crazy) when the temps start to climb, especially with all the adorable trends in spring coats rolling out right now. I’m talking jackets so cute you won’t want to go out without one, even when the warmer temps roll in and shorts (sans jacket) are actually acceptable. So why not take this time to switch out your outerwear and rock an adorable spring look that will keep you warm but looking oh-so-cool?
I’ll help you get started with 8 great jackets that won’t break the bank.

Guys Who Rock: Louis Johnson
Guys Who Rock: Louis Johnson
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