Decision 2012: The Best Potential Presidential Candidates

So, like, Americans are going absolutely crazy. Not only are we following Suri’s fashion tips (pacifiers are soooo in right now), but we’re idolizing mentally unstable celebrities. Not just, like, following them on Twitter, but, like, nominating them as presidential candidates. A recent poll among independents showed that Americans would vote for Charlie Sheen over Sarah Palin. While we totally agree that our gal pal Sarah is not a suitable candidate for president, we can’t hide the fact that Charlie Sheen is a more insane choice.
Why was he even an option?
What is wrong with people?
Political polls are now allowing these kinds of responses!?
Well if that’s the case, if we can start nominating ANYONE for president, regardless of experience, let’s go with these 10 celebrities instead:

Candy Dish: Eek Will
Candy Dish: Eek Will
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